Announcement: Digital Membership Cards Now Available

We’re going digital!

phone with digital membership card visible on the scree.

Design Museum Everywhere is launching digital membership cards and a new member and partner portal! With this added member benefit, members will have access to their own personalized digital membership cards. If your company is an active partner, partner liaisons will also receive digital membership cards!

Digital Membership Card Tips

  • Download your membership card for easy access to Design Museum Everywhere events and programs.
  • Log into your member portal to check the status of your membership. 

How to install your digital membership card on your mobile phone: You will receive an email from Cuseum with access to the digital membership card. Once you open the email, follow the instructions below:

iPhone users:

  • Click the “Download Membership Card” button in the email from your iPhone, then “Add to Wallet,” then “Add.”
  • Your digital membership card will automatically download to the Apple Wallet app.
  • To access your Apple Wallet, swipe down on your home screen to activate the Search function. Type “Wallet” into the search bar. Then, tap the Wallet icon that appears under the “Applications” header.
  • Now you can always access your digital card in your Apple Wallet!
    Important to note: once you have downloaded your digital membership once, you will not need to do so again in the future. Your card will automatically update when your membership renews or expires.

Android users:

  • We recommend using the Google Wallet app.
  • First, ensure the Google Wallet app is installed.
  • Open the email from Cuseum while using your Android device, and tap “Download Membership Card” below.
  • Then click “add to Google Wallet.” A preview of your digital membership card will appear.
  • Click “Save to Google Wallet.”
    In some cases, Google Wallet might ask you to log in so you can save it to an account. Please log in to Google Wallet to continue (no credit card information should be required).
  • Your digital membership card will then be saved to Google Wallet, and you can access it from any time!

Have questions about your membership? E-mail us at

Need help installing? Check out Cuseum’s FAQ!
Still having trouble? Email the Cuseum support team at