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Design is everywhere. So are we.

Announcing our new name! We’re now Design Museum Everywhere. Read more from our Executive Director!

When I started Design Museum Boston in 2009 with Derek Cascio, we weren’t sure where the journey would take us. We knew we wanted to break the barriers of traditional museums, to meet the public where they are instead of requiring them to come to us. In 2014, the journey took us to Portland, Oregon, and we launched Design Museum Portland. Another nomadic but local Design Museum. At that time, we took on the name Design Museum Foundation as our national brand, but we’ve never been a “foundation” as far as most people might think. Since launching the museum over a decade ago, we knew that design was everywhere, and that a true design museum needed to be everywhere too.

In the last 11 years, we’ve been working online — we’re a participatory museum (fun fact: our logo was designed in public, virtually, with the crowd weighing in), bringing design content directly to our community with programs like Design Museum Magazine, and producing events, exhibitions, and transformational projects in different cities across the U.S.

So it makes sense that in a time of physical distancing and global cooperation, Design Museum’s journey would take a new turn, in order to better serve and to grow our community.

Like we’ve always said, from the very beginning: Design is everywhere. So are we. And now it’s true. You’ll see changes to our social media handles, our website, and more — Design Museum Everywhere is the new us.

Right now, we’re seeing design impact play out in every facet of the coronavirus: from the design of face masks and shields, to the way hospitals are built, to the rapid creation of a government stimulus package – there are people behind every choice getting made, those choices are design. That’s how we see design: as a process for creating change. 

Design has always been everywhere, so your design museum is too. We want to inspire people all over the world to create change by seeing design’s impact on our lives, both during this pandemic, and once it passes.

I hope you’ll engage with us as we continue this journey, we have so much to share with you. From new events and podcast episodes, to new social media accounts, to fun, upcoming projects, we’re excited to grow our community. We know that the more people we have together in this community, talking about and advocating for good, impactful design, the better designed our future will be.


Sam Aquillano
Executive Director

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