Introducing New Council Member

Design Museum Everywhere is pleased to welcome Kris Lonergan to the Council!

Headshot of Kris Lonergran. Middle aged adult with loing grey hair and glasses.

Join us in welcoming Kris Lonergan to the Design Museum Everywhere Council!

Kris joins the council with over two decades of experience as an accomplished leader in the design space, blending industrial and fashion design to fuel innovation at the intersection of softgoods and hardgoods. Over the course of her career working with global brands like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, and Dorel, she has excelled as a brand champion, prioritizing innovation and consumer engagement. Her true passion lies in exploring whitespaces, unlocking the boundless potential in products and processes, and seamlessly integrating softgoods into the broader world of design. Kris’ commitment to pushing boundaries and discovering new possibilities drives her relentless pursuit of excellence in all aspects of design. 

Kris shares:

“I’m thrilled to join the Design Museum Everywhere council! Their mission to democratize design and foster inclusivity resonates with me and is reassuring amidst the challenges of global discord. I’m excited about future projects to champion design and promote further representation within the industry. Looking forward to collaborating with you all!”

Council members are experts in the Museum’s impact areas and design fields. They advise and support the Staff and Board of Directors, while ensuring that adequate resources and a strong community are available to accomplish the Museum’s mission.