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  • Social ImpactIssue 013

    Financial Wellbeing Intervention

    Imagine a 25-year-old employee of a major corporation walking around with a large hole in his shoe because replacing them wasn’t a financial possibility.

  • BusinessIssue 010

    Sell by Design

    When Sachin Rai boarded a Greyhound bus in San Francisco, he had little idea that his trip to Los Angeles would land him a multimillion-dollar sales contract.

  • EntrepreneurshipIssue 009

    Create Local, Launch Global

    Long before industrialization and a global economy, nearly every product someone used would have been made by a local craftsman from locally-sourced materials. Can we learn from that model and make it work again today?

  • Vibrant CitiesIssue 008

    Awakening Cities

    Once known simply as “The Wall,” the Green Monster is Fenway Park’s legendary left field wall: one so tall, it’s wildly difficult to hit a ball over. Imagine you’re near Fenway Park, Lansdowne Street on a summer night. As you approach the gigantic steel structure that supports the Green Monster, you hear a rhythm emanating from its bays. Not from a concert within the stadium, but from the actual wall. Then, you see that wall light up, and realize there are people in those bays, drumming on the beams like they’re instruments.

  • Vibrant Cities, Data VisualizationIssue 006

    Compact Urban Living

    Living in Boston is great, if you can afford it. A new design methodology for housing might hold the key to both affordability and livability.

  • Vibrant CitiesIssue 004

    Architecture in Revolution

    Why Cuba? After watching the documentary Unfinished Spaces, I fell in love with the idea of visiting Cuba. The film chronicles an arts-focused campus that Fidel Castro commissioned soon after his socialist regime gained control of the island, and then the campus’ ultimate demise. The documentary artfully weaves the design and construction of the art schools with the political climate of Fidel’s regime. The film was an inspiring starting point for my research.