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  • Data Visualization

    Design Museum Live: Visualizing Complex Data: COVID-19 & More Recap

    In this July Design Museum Live event, we explored the world of data visualization, with a specific focus on how data surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved over this extremely mutable time. Paolo Ciuccarelli, the director and founder of the Center for Design at Northeastern University and Paul Kahn, a lecturer in experience design also at Northeastern, shared their expertise in the data design field and helped explain the trends that we are seeing in how COVID-19 data is being presented in the media and elsewhere.

    Circle visualization of the lenses to connect with data
  • Sketch Series: Draw Anything with Spencer Nugent Recap

    In our July Sketch Series, we welcomed Spencer Nugent, founder of and IDSKETCHING.COM. Spencer has been working in design for almost two decades with companies including General Motors and Astro Studios. He is originally from Jamaica, and he currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he uploads regular sketch demonstration videos to his YouTube channel: Sketch A Day, which has 115k subscribers.

  • Sketch Series: Draw Objects with Derek Cascio Recap

    Even in our ever-increasingly-digitized world, representing your ideas quickly and visually is just as important as ever. In April, we went back to basics with Derek Cascio.

  • Juneteenth is Now a Holiday at the Design Museum

    June 19 commemorates the ending of slavery in the U.S.

  • Design Museum Everywhere

    Announcing our new name! We’re now Design Museum Everywhere. Read more from our Executive Director!

  • Workplace Innovation

    Remote Meeting Success Strategies Recap

    Ryann Hoffman taught us how to knock virtual meetings out of the park (hint: you don't even have to be a technology master!).