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  • Year in Review

    It’s been a big year for Design Museum Everywhere, utilizing our nomadic structure and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by creating new programs, bringing the We Design exhibition online, starting the Design is Everywhere podcast, and launching a Diversity in Action training program. We are now more true to our mission than ever before: Design Museum brings the transformative power of design everywhere.

  • Design Museum LIVE: Sketch Series, Draw Footwear with Michael DiTullo Recap

    “Sketching is a language, it is a way that not only designers speak to each other, but also humans,” Michael said.

  • Workplace Innovation

    Design Museum LIVE: The 5 Growing Pains of Global Innovation Recap

    In June, our Design Museum LIVE event focused on the collaborative challenges that companies can face as they grow and change over time, and some tactics that businesses can employ to ease these “growing pains of global innovation.”

  • Healthcare

    Design Museum LIVE: Open Source Wellness Recap

    Open Source Wellness, through what they call their “behavioral pharmacy,” provides training, peer support, and activities that help people take their doctor’s advice. Catch up on what you missed from May's Design Museum LIVE.

  • Sketch Series: Draw Architecture with Patrick Cunningham Recap

    Even in our ever-increasingly-digitized world, representing your ideas quickly and visually is just as important as ever. In May, we drew architecturally with Patrick Cunningham.

  • Data Visualization

    Design Museum Live: Visualizing Complex Data: COVID-19 & More Recap

    In this July Design Museum Live event, we explored the world of data visualization, with a specific focus on how data surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved over this extremely mutable time. Paolo Ciuccarelli, the director and founder of the Center for Design at Northeastern University and Paul Kahn, a lecturer in experience design also at Northeastern, shared their expertise in the data design field and helped explain the trends that we are seeing in how COVID-19 data is being presented in the media and elsewhere.

    Circle visualization of the lenses to connect with data