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  • Social Impact


    The #MuseumsFromHome trend is growing, largely as museums cater to societal demands in the wake of COVID-19. Although the swift change toward digitizing scholarly materials and exhibitions has been fueled by quarantine, this push toward accessibility has long been awaited. Looking now at our beloved museums in the digital landscape, it is time to consider what aspects of digital museum culture should be accepted into our new normal.

  • Healthcare

    Designing Against a Pandemic

    In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, as medical supplies dwindle, hospitals internationally are looking to designers for new medical materials.

  • Teens working on their projects at Design Intensive.
  • Diversity

    Black Lives Matter and Anti-Racism Resources

    At Design Museum Everywhere, we believe in the necessity of redesigning systems that have been created to preserve inequity. These resources and topics are only the first of many we hope to include over time.