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  • Diversity

    Upcoming Designers are Everywhere: A Look at Emerging Powerhouses in the Design Field

    While beginning a career in design is a difficult journey, especially for young people or those switching from unrelated fields, many designers find their start at expected times. Often designers feel drawn to design even as kids, and for many this passion can blossom into early careers. Design can begin anywhere there is a need for it, at any age or any stage of life. Here we have a few upcoming designers that have caught our attention.

  • Workplace InnovationVirtual

    Workplace Innovation Summit 2020 Recap

    From December 7-11, 2020, the Design Museum Everywhere community gathered virtually for a week full of learning, engagement and fun through the Workplace Innovation Summit. This event focused on disrupting the workplace paradigm, taking advantage of the volatile environment that the ongoing pandemic has created in the workplace as a catalyst for much needed change and improvement with how we work.

  • Diversity

    The Hidden History of Graphic Design

    When we think of the “greats of graphic design history,” names like Saul Bass, the Bauhaus style movement, or even the “See America” posters come to mind. Graphic design and design as a whole is constantly evolving to match the needs of both patrons and consumers, and current design has been influenced by everything in its history. A large part of this history, however, is often overlooked; the stories of where design came from and the hidden figures who have always been in the art scene are oftentimes forgotten.

  • Diversity

    New Additions to the We Design Exhibition!

    There’s always room for more stories. That is why we have expanded our We Design online exhibition to feature 17 new career stories showcasing leaders and innovators across a range of creative professions.

  • Virtual

    Design Night LIVE Recap

    Catch up (or relive!) what you missed at Design Night LIVE, our biggest virtual community event and fundraise, ever!

  • Education

    Post COVID-19: How will we live and work?

    The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an enormous impact on the world, our lives, and our work situations. When the pandemic changed Wentworth student options for work-based learning, the university created a future program to fill the gap of real world experience.