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  • Virtual

    Design Night LIVE Recap

    Catch up (or relive!) what you missed at Design Night LIVE, our biggest virtual community event and fundraise, ever!

  • Education

    Post COVID-19: How will we live and work?

    The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an enormous impact on the world, our lives, and our work situations. When the pandemic changed Wentworth student options for work-based learning, the university created a future program to fill the gap of real world experience.

  • Education

    Summer Design Project Recap

    Learn all about Design Museum’s virtual summer design program in Cambridge, MA!

    Pluses and Delta mapping of Summer Design Project
  • Diversity

    Pride & Design: Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Designers

    June is Pride Month, a time when the LGBTQIA+ community comes together (whether it’s virtually or in person) to celebrate identity and community.

    “Progress” Pride Flag by Daniel Quasar
  • Play

    The Circles: Making Summer Safe With Social Distance Approved Design

    With the weather getting warmer and summer nearing, city planners and those working at Parks and Recreation centers across the country are thinking of ways to redesign existing parks to ensure safety.

  • Education

    Tips for Teaching at Home

    As families all over the U.S. have been thrust into the challenge of teaching their children at the kitchen table, Design Museum Everywhere has asked our head of education to share some tips on how to navigate the new terrain of remote learning. School is particularly hard right now. While everyone wants their children to stay on track, mental health is most important and remote learning is not always possible. This post aims to help families grapple with remote learning and this sudden change.