Extraordinary Playscapes @ Moakley Courthouse

Start Date

April 20, 2019

End Date

September 30, 2019


There is perhaps nothing more creative than children at play. For kids, creativity, ideation, and design are as natural as walking and talking. Their unbridled imagination inspires us, as adults, to be more open to possibilities. Visitors will explore design case studies, artifacts, and videos featuring some of the most innovating and thoughtful play spaces in the world — including some right in our own backyard in Boston! Highlighting the latest thinking in playground design, the science of play, and the importance of outdoor play in developing creative problem-solving skills. Extraordinary Playscapes invites all age groups to come together and bond over the shared human experience of imaginative play.

This exhibition, after touring the country from Boston to San Francisco, is finally back for a limited time at the Moakley Courthouse in the seaport.

Click here to learn more about the Extraordinary Playscapes: Opening Reception on May 2nd.

Extraordinary Playscapes

Extraordinary Playscapes originally premiered in Boston in 2016. To see highlights from the original exhibition, click here.