You can support great design.

November 15, 2018 | | View Comments

As we approach the end of 2018, please consider a year-end, tax-deductible gift to support great design in Boston. Design can change people’s lives — it is human-centered creativity that shapes our world, finds unique solutions to complex problems, and brings people together.

For 9 years, gifts from our community have helped us to deliver on our mission to bring the transformative power of design everywhere. Your giving created a new, beautifully-designed playground in Chinatown, where there was no place to play. And your ongoing support helps us bring people together on a regular basis at Design Museum Mornings, our monthly public conversation on design.

This year when you give, you’re supporting the work on our next major exhibition, Bespoke Bodies: The Design & Craft of Prosthetics, an exhibit on the design and impact of prosthetic devices for people who incorporate them into their lives and activities — as well as our work bringing creative education to the next generation of designers.

Our aim is to bring impactful design to light and show what’s possible with thoughtful, creative problem solving. Your support makes it possible — and when you give by December 31st, your donation is doubled thanks to the generosity of our Board of Directors and Advisory Council.

We have a number of benefits listed below to recognize your giving. Thank you and hope to see you soon,

— Sam Aquillano, Executive Director

*Photo: Anastasia Lennon

Give $25

  • Receive a personal OR virtual high-five! If you’re up for it, we’ll tag you on social media and make it Insta-famous!

Give $50

  • Recognition in Design Museum Magazine.
  • Admission and recognition at upcoming Design Museum Mornings & UNITE events in early-2019.
  • Plus the high five!

Give $100

  • Receive a limited edition Design is Everywhere t-shirt.
  • Plus everything above!

Give $250

  • Recognition of your gift in our next book: Bespoke Bodies: Design & Craft of Prosthetics!
  • Receive a private tour of Bespoke Bodies for you and a friend – we’ll walk you through the exhibition, providing insights along the way!
  • Plus everything above!

Give $500

  • Recognition in our next exhibition — your name on the opening wall!
  • Be the first to receive a signed copy of our next book Bespoke Bodies (with your name in it!).
  • Plus everything above!

Give $1,000+

  • Get a first look at our next exhibition. Join us the evening before the public opening for an intimate look at Bespoke Bodies with our Executive Director and Exhibition Manager.
  • Receive an advanced digital proof of our Bespoke Bodies book, we’ll include a message from you in the printed book and give you 3 signed copies!
  • Plus everything above!