Design Everything: Think of “design” in the broadest possible terms

by Hacin + Associates

For its first decade, H+A was an architecture firm in the traditional sense. We began by designing homes, retail, and mixed-use projects in Boston and around the world. While architectural design usually encompasses the design of interior spaces as well as building exteriors, interior design is a different discipline, one requiring a distinct set of talents and expertise. Over a short period of time, we recognized the power of integrating the two disciplines under one roof. In doing so, we allowed for the delivery of a more cohesive design with a single, concept-driven story. By 2005, H+A had officially expanded to include full-service interior design, offering a more holistic client experience. H+A continued to grow, making a few forays into the realm of branding and identity design where the project environments demanded a brand presence. In 2014, H+A launched a branding department, adding a third discipline to the studio.

Four51 Marlborough, a luxury condominium residence in Boston’s Back Bay, was our first project that integrated all three disciplines. Built by The Holland Companies, the project is located on historic Marlborough Street with eight individual residences, including a penthouse with a full interior design by H+A. The new building needed a lobby experience and a brand that reflected the rich architectural history of the neighborhood as well as honored the project’s contemporary identity. Because the integrated disciplines were working together, the design team’s approach was comprehensive.

This is an excerpt from the latest issue of H+ Magazine, The 25 Years Edition. To read more about Four51 Marlborough and H+A’s approach to integrated design, click on the image below.