Bespoke Bodies Exhibition Preview at HUBWeek

September 4, 2018 | | View Comments

Bespoke Bodies: The Design and Craft of Prosthetics will be on preview all throughout HUBweek. Come by any time during the October 8-14 festival to learn more about our next major exhibition coming to Boston. Spanning DIY-inventions to the development of mind-controlled bionic limbs, this exhibition surveys the past, present, and future of prosthetic design on a global scale. Stories from patients, clinicians, designers, and artists explore functional, aesthetic, and social perspectives while demonstrating the meaningful impact of human-centered design. Through case studies, videos, artifacts, and an interactive VR experience, the preview will highlight design stories centered on fashion and technology from the “New Tech” and “Custom Style” sections of the full exhibition.

On October 12, we’ll be having a speaking panel at 3 pm in the Hall of the Future. Our Executive Director, Sam Aquillano, will give some opening remarks. Then, we’ll have a panel led by Maggie Baumer from Hanger Clinic featuring Hanger Clinic patients who use prostheses in their daily lives. Want to see the recap video? Click here.