Design Museum’s ‘9 Favorite Moments from Gala 9’

June 11, 2018 | | View Comments

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Gala 9 was one of Design Museum Boston’s biggest events ever. We celebrated our anniversary, our community, our accomplishments and our future!

Here are 9 of our Favorite Moments from Gala 9:

1. Food from Reelhouse

Oysters & shrimp were the main food option at the Gala


Reelhouse catered a tempting spread of delicious appetizers and refreshing seafood. Our personal favorite was the oysters!




2. The Imagination Playground

Guests enjoyed the exhibition vignettes at Gala 9


Originally part of our Extraordinary Playscapes exhibit, these moveable cubes can be made into any playground. The only limit is imagination and some of our Gala attendees put theirs to the test.



3. Virtual Reality

Hanger Clinic provided a virtual reality experience


Hanger Clinic provided guests with a curated virtual reality experience. It gave participants the opportunity to virtually experience a day in the life of someone with a prosthetic. It was immersive, educational, and inspirational.



4. The Silent Auction

Bidding at the silent auction during Gala 9.


We auctioned off over 30 unique items and experiences. Some of the items definitely elicited some wistful gazes. All of them found an incredible home at the end of the night.



5. Maggie Baumer

Maggie Baumer from Hanger Clinic speaks at Gala 9


We were thrilled to announce Bespoke Bodies: The Design & Craft of Prosthetics and our partnership with Hanger Clinic at the Gala. Maggie, the Business Development Manager at Hanger Clinic, shared her insights into why this program is so important and impactful.


6. Custom lounges


Curated specifically for Gala 9, these lounges were their own works of art. This one was for our Design Impact Society members, individuals who have chosen to support the Museum year after year!



7. Our signature cocktail


Cloud Nine was a fan favorite – plus, it literally tasted like heaven.




8. The Paddle Raise


Gala 9 is the beginning of a new era for Design Museum. As funding becomes more difficult to secure from outside sources, we decided to ask our community to contribute to Design Museum’s future. It was a special moment to see our community come together to support the museum.


9. Our community

We couldn’t believe how excited everyone was to be at the event. Thank you all for coming to celebrate Design Museum’s 9th anniversary, enjoy the food and drink, and contribute to the future of this museum. We’ll see you there for number 10.



In addition to our favorite moments, we saw some awesome posts from our community on social media. We’re thrilled everyone enjoyed this night as much as we did! To view all the photos from Gala 9, check out our Facebook Album.