Press Release: Opportunity & Push for Equity Create a Cultural Ecosystem

Black Artists Announce Cross Cultural Collective & Progress Towards Building a Creative Community Hub


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In a rapidly changing city pushing to further develop its creative economy as part of the focus on innovation, a group of six Boston-based Black artists are intent on creating something new on the city’s horizon – a platform to elevate and celebrate African diasporic arts and its creators. The name, Cross Cultural Collective, signifies the many diasporic cultures that make up what we think of as Black arts.

The contemporary artists and programmers leading the collective are well versed in reaching audiences as close as Boston itself and as far away as Senegal, South Africa, Japan, Hong Kong, Bulgaria and throughout Europe, the Caribbean, and the North Americas. With expertise in galvanizing the strength of community through dynamic expressions that span from visual and performing arts to design, photography, health & wellness, the leadership team includes: Melissa Alexis (dance, yoga/meditation), Daniel Callahan (multimedia art & design), Tiffany Cogell (urban planning, design), Ashleigh Gordon (music), L’Merchie Frazier (visual art, poetry), and Allentza Michel (urban planning, design).

“Boston needs C3. The team has a mission and a vision to make Boston better for everyone through creativity and community. Their passion is only rivaled by their expertise and drive — I’m proud Design Museum Boston is part of this important initiative.”
– Sam Aquillano, Executive Director, Design Museum Boston

Partnering with Design Museum Boston as a fiscal sponsor, Cross Cultural Collective aims to bring its over 50 combined years of experience and practice in the arts together to create a rich ecosystem for everyone in the City of Boston and beyond to enjoy. Cross Cultural Collective will be a destination for the arts and offer levels of membership to empower Black artists to showcase their work and to engage patrons in the neighborhood, New England, and further. Their first point of connection: the Seaport. Famed for its lack of diversity, the Seaport houses a newly constructed 13,000 square foot oceanfront property. It is in this space – situated on the water as a symbolic gateway and place of rebirth – where the Cross Cultural Collective envisions fulfilling its mission: to promote the transformative and restorative power of contemporary arts rooted in the African diaspora.

About the Collective, Carrie Havey, senior project manager of The Green Engineer, Inc. says, “The Collective is a powerhouse of creative energy! I am excited to be involved with this hardworking and determined group that has envisioned a spectacular opportunity for the Seaport.” The Collective’s supporters are many, from longstanding artist networks to community members throughout various neighborhoods in the city. For those already invested or those newly interested in supporting the existence of a creative center for arts and community engagement, hear from the team and exchange ideas at a community meeting at District Hall (75 Northern Avenue, Boston) Monday, April 30th, 5:30pm. A decision will be made about which organization will occupy 50 Liberty after the presentation. It seems serendipitous that Cross Cultural Collective’s first stop is Liberty Drive.

Cross Cultural Collective is a sponsored project of Design Museum Foundation, a non‐profit arts organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Cross Cultural Collective must be made payable to “Design Museum Foundation” and are tax‐deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Contact for more information: Tiffany Cogell,

Facebook: @crossculturecollective        Instagram: @crossculturalcollectivec3

About Cross Cultural Collective
Cross Cultural Collective is a Black arts collaborative that elevates, celebrates, and promotes African diasporic arts and their creators in Boston and beyond. It is an ecosystem that engages communities, facilitates healing, and fosters equitable cultural interaction.

About Design Museum Boston
Design Museum Boston is a new kind of museum. Our mission: bring the transformative power of design everywhere to inspire a world full of creative problem solvers.

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