Throwback Thursday: AD20/21 Gala 2016!

March 2, 2017 | | View Comments

Boston Design Week is right around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Especially because this annual event also means the return of the AD20/21 Gala. A night of music, food, drink and art, what more could anyone want? In anticipation of this year’s AD20/21 Gala, we take a look on the 2016 exhibitions, all in the name of Throw-back Thursday! 
Below are six works that’ll give you a taste for what’s to come this April!


  1. Kronos Works, “Circle and Square,” Shown in “Midnight” Color



  2. Paula Scher, “You Me,” 2014, Wood Cut, Hand Milled Ink Printed onto Okawara Paper


  3. Next Concept Design, “Sky”


  4. Laurie Goddard, “Kyoto”


  5. 1939 Sparton 530-X
    Rare Export AM/SW Model Radio


  6. Infusion Furniture, “Trio Stool,” Maple Wood, Powder Coated Steel


Get the chance to see other amazing works like these before the public on 4/6 at the AD20/21 Gala! Buy your tickets here!