Recap: Designing an Authentic Organization Workshop

September 20, 2016 | | View Comments

This past Friday, Caleb Dean of Owl, Fox & Dean hosted a workshop as part of our Center for Workplace Innovation, in partnership with Jamestown. Caleb presented on building authentic organizations that brought in an audience of people from all different professional backgrounds. Over breakfast and coffee at the gorgeous office of Elkus Mandfredi, the group had the chance to discuss their own organizations with each other, and glean insightful advice from Caleb on how to create consistent internal-external personas for their organizations.


Caleb kicked off the event with an old-school science class video to get people thinking about how their organizations are seen as a whole and whether or not the big-picture public image of their organization matches the parts that make it up. He introduced his Whole-Brand Model for organization design that works to create consistency between external brand image and internal employee experience. To push the group to analyze the specifics of their own organizations, Caleb provided worksheets that walked everyone through their current perceptions and future wishes for their company. Attendees were able to share their thoughts with those at their small tables, as well as convene as a larger group to share questions and ideas.


Having a large breadth of organizations in attendance, Caleb was able to bring everyone together to think about how an authentic brand image is important and applicable to all organizations. From professors to real estate professionals, the influence of having an authentic image runs through all institutions. Because of the relatability of Caleb’s ideas, the group was able to bring innovative ideas to the table that could be applied to almost any organization.


After Caleb concluded his presentation, the room still buzzed with stimulating conversation. The event provided an interesting opportunity to talk with people in different fields about the shared goal of organization authenticity. Clients are smart and know when they are experiencing inconsistencies with a business or organization. Now more than ever it’s necessary for organizations to be authentic to their external image in order to create an open and effective community for clients and employees alike.

Caleb will be appearing again at the Workplace Innovation Summit on November 3rd. The Summit will feature talks from thought leaders like Caleb and others as well as presentations, workshops, keynote speakers, and field trips! Grab a ticket today!