Show us Your Favorite #UrbanSolutions!

June 24, 2016 | | View Comments

Its no surprise that major cities have their problems. Highway overpasses in particular are a universal challenge, creating safety concerns, difficulties with wayfinding, and plenty of underutilizing space. More than ever before, today’s innovators are tasked with creating new solutions to age old urban problems.

Now’s your time to show us your favorite urban solutions. Show us the awesome bench you pass on the way to work, the colorful crosswalk you prefer to use, or the public art that makes your corner of the city just a little more cheerful. How have communities activated underpasses?

Have you seen a cool urban solution in your travels? Let us know! Share your favorite solutions to urban problems by tagging us on social media @designmuseumbos with the hashtag #UrbanSolutions. We’ll pick our favorites and re-post, and your submission might even end up as a backdrop during our Urban Innovation Festival!