Cinema Obscura • Back to the Future Poster Series

March 11, 2015 | | View Comments

Much has been written about 2015 and Back to the Future — this is the year Marty McFly travels back to the future with Doc Brown in the iconic flying DeLorean in Part II of the trilogy. Well, it’s 2015 now, and even though our cars aren’t flying, we are getting pretty close to having hoverboards and self-lacing shoes.

However, not close enough for Geoff Bloom, who is admittedly, and proudly obsessed with the Back to the Future series. Geoff is based in Peabody, MA; he’s the art director of NECCO candy by day, and an independent graphic designer with a new solo practice called Gigawatt Graphics (get it?!) by night. He recently designed a poster series to coincide with the launch of his new website — it’s called Cinema Obscura, a series of posters based on obscure movie quotes.

“I thought I could combine my two favorite things, graphic design and movie watching.”

Geoff’s Back to the Future posters cover a range of the movie’s memorable moments, from “Boy oh boy Mom… You sure can hydrate a pizza” to “Jacket drying… Your Jacket is Now Dry.”

BTTF-Pizza-CinemaObscura-SM   BTTF-Jacket-CinemaObscura-SM

Geoff gave himself four rules for this fun side project: each poster had to feature an obscure quote, be crafted in a minimalistic illustrative style, have a high level of visual contrast, and showcase a prop from the movie.

Beyond starting a new project, Geoff summed up what spurred on his work: “I thought I could combine my two favorite things, graphic design and movie watching. I could go into the man cave, and watch all my favorite films, all in the name of design research!”

Visit his website to see more posters — you can even buy prints for $19.55 (get it again?!).

Geoff made his intentions very clear, “We’re running out of time for flying cars and hover boards to exist, so we better get busy!” Meanwhile, Geoff’s on to his next movie muse, stay tuned for The Fifth Element.