Workplace Innovation Summit 2019: Transformational Technology


November 15, 2019
11/15/19 9:00 am - 11/15/19 5:00 pm


2019-11-1509:00:00 2019-11-1517:00:00 Workplace Innovation Summit 2019: Transformational Technology This year’s 5th annual Workplace Innovation Summit examines the pervasive technology that surrounds us in the workplace and how that ... Microsoft New England Research and Development Center: 1 Memorial Dr, Cambridge, MA 02142 Design Museum Foundation

This year’s 5th annual Workplace Innovation Summit examines the pervasive technology that surrounds us in the workplace and how that technology is transforming the way we work. Unlike other technology themed conferences, this Summit is not intended to showcase the cutting edge workplace tech, but instead to examine the way that technology is impacting the human workforce around it, and vice versa. Speaking to topics like the impact of integrating AI in the workplace, understanding the implicit bias of technology, and how technology can hinder (or help) wellness in the workplace, this conference offers a hands-on seminar to educate our participants about how technology design and innovation impacts the world around us. The rise of technology affects us all; how will you apply it effectively in your own organization? At this hands-on Summit, you will learn more about the technology that surrounds us, its impact on the workplace, and receive tools and content to share and educate others.

If you’d like to learn more about past Summits, explore the archive or watch last year’s recap video!





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Registration & Breakfast

Welcome Remarks

Human-Driven, Tech-Powered Spatial Design 
A conversation between architect/design firm, Sasaki, and client, Microsoft in understanding how the Microsoft NERD center was conceptualized and designed using human-centered design at its core. 

Forefront of Technology in the Workplace 
There’s a lot of noise and an overwhelming array of new tools and technologies; we’ll create a simple foundation for understanding what’s out there and what it’s for through these lightning presentations highlighting the newest, most cutting-edge, workplace technology including: 

    • Virtual/Augmented Reality
    • Remote/Virtual Work
    • Electronic Body Language
    • Economic Empowerment
    • Diversifying Tech Talent

Leadership is Human
Studies reveal that automation could replace over 1.5 million jobs. However, leadership, strategy and creativity are uniquely human traits. With the rise of robots comes the importance of soft skills (problem solving, curiosity), team building, and the development of new collaboration skills, and tools. 

Problem Solving Workshop (Part 1)
Over the past 40 years technology has consistently been inserted into our workplaces, but not necessarily strategically integrated. We’re hyper-connected, but are we actually working together? Before we try to insert technology into our spaces/workflow, let’s think critically first about the real problems we are trying to solve by adopting this technology. 

Lunch & Networking

Mind the Bias (and other unintended consequences) 
What lies at the intersection of work, technology and diversity? Is your workplace culture, and the technology you integrate, unintentionally bias? How can you safeguard your company culture against implicit bias, and how can technology help (instead of hinder)? 

The 4th Industrial Revolution
With the rise of the next Industrial Revolution – a future state where automation and AI threatens to divide us, how do we ensure we are designing programs and algorithms to safeguard humanity? 

Breaking Barriers 
Boston has a problem. Across the ecosystem, leading tech companies struggle to fill high-skilled roles, while qualified minority talent struggles to break into the innovation economy. Let’s design a better future for our workforce. 

5 Dimensions of Wellbeing in the Workplace
How do we avoid burnout with the ever-growing pace of technology? How do we maintain human connection and relationships when our jobs become more automated? What moral responsibility do companies have to ensure that employees remain healthy and happy at work? How does technology hinder wellness? Conversely, how can it help? 

Coffee Break & Interactive Demonstrations 

Problem Solving Workshop (Part 2) 
Now that we’ve learned more from our speakers and opened our minds to the possibilities and pitfalls of technology, let’s revisit the solutions we uncovered earlier and unpack some of the challenges we might face to get to our end goal. How will we overcome those challenges? 

Closing Remarks

Networking Reception and Tours of the Microsoft NERD Center