Recap: The Trend of Trendy Workplaces

September 25, 2018 | | View Comments

RECAP: Design Museum Mornings: The Trend of Trendy Workplaces

You may be hearing a lot about workplace trends these days. New workplace trends are popping up all the time like game rooms, nap pods, remote working. It may seem like some companies are doing crazy things in order to innovate in the workplace. The reality is the workplace is always changing! With technology, creative design, and a new generation entering the workforce, people are doing things in their workplace that have never been done before. For some, this is very exciting but for others, this can be overwhelming. Even those that are excited by the changing workplace may still be lost and confused by all the trending possibilities. This can also cause problems for designers creating workplaces that don’t work for their clients because their clients don’t really know what they want. 

Ashley Dunn, Director of Workplace at Dyer Brown Architects, did an amazing job tackling the topic of workplace trends. Ashley helped break down how to design your workplace and navigate the crazy world of workplace trends. 

To sum it up:

First, when it comes to workplace trends don’t be a blind follower. There are important considerations and questions about your company that need to be answered first.

Think about what you want from your space and how that aligns with your culture. Then, all employees should do this exercise, without management in the room.


Second, for redesigning office spaces, the company should be the expert on how their employees work and what they need in order to achieve the company’s goals. The designer should be the facilitator to apply design thinking principles into the picture. 

Third, beware of the danger of sound bites. Sound bites over simplify thinking about the workplace. It leaves people with a black or white view when design is nuanced and experienced. Walls are good, open space is also good! It is the thoughtful ratio and intersection of the two that makes a successful workplace. 

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