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July 5, 2018 | | View Comments

BOSTON, Mass. — Jun. 14, 2018 — Design Museum Foundation is pleased to announce that Design Museum Magazine is available through EBSCO. EBSCO is a comprehensive global database offering e-journals, e-books, magazines, and newsletters.

Launched in 2016, Design Museum Magazine is a physical manifestation of our mission to bring the power of design everywhere and is published four times per year. Each issue features recaps of recent Design Museum events from across the country, the first look into upcoming events, and articles across a wide range of topics written by our community members: designers, educators, researchers, students, and more.

Our unique multi-site museum approach—we bring the museum to the people—is nomadic and constantly moving. We produce the magazine as an artifact, a touchstone to hold onto. Prior to partnering with EBSCO, Design Museum Magazine was available in print form to our members. “We are thrilled to have Design Museum Magazine available now on EBSCO in addition to our member-based circulation list,” says Sam Aquillano, Executive Director of Design Museum Foundation. “We hope this partnership can allow us to continue creating participatory platforms for design impact content and making design more accessible.”

 To access EBSCO, check your local public library’s subscription services. Additionally, most colleges and universities offer EBSCO subscriptions to all students. You may not be able to enter a Design Museum building or attend every event, but you can certainly immerse yourself in Design Museum Magazine.


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