Green Patriot Posters

Start Date

September 18, 2016

End Date

February 28, 2017


During World War II, emotionally stirring propaganda posters commissioned by the U.S. government helped spur U.S. citizens “to do their part” in helping to supply, arm, and support troops fighting overseas. The surge in American’s productivity ultimately led to Allied victory. Green Patriot Posters, inspired by those World War II posters, hopes to unite us all once again – this time to combat climate change. Launched by art collective the Canary Project in 2008, Green Patriot Posters invites designers, illustrators, photographers, and artists to create poster-form artwork relating to any aspect of climate change and environmental justice. To date, over 500 designs have been collected — see a selected collection including work by Shepard Fairey, Mathilde Fallot, and Joe Wirtheim (previewed below) at Xavier, a new apartment building in Chicago’s Cabrini Green Neighborhood.





10/19/16 • 6:30pmCT — Film Screening: Post New Bills: The Story of Green Patriot Posters