Workplace Innovation Summit


November 3, 2016


Workplace Innovation Summit Tickets Featured Speakers Think Tank Workplace Passport Agenda Videos Who’s Coming The Center for Workplace Innovation is a hub for thought leadership focused on improving how we work. Join ... 25 Drydock Ave. Boston, MA 02210 Design Museum Foundation

The Center for Workplace Innovation is a hub for thought leadership focused on improving how we work.

Join us on November 3 at the Innovation and Design Building alongside thought leaders from around the country for this one day exploration of the future of how and where we work. Tickets are now on sale for the Workplace Innovation Summit!

The way we work is changing. Humans have moved from the agricultural age through the industrial and information ages and into the creative age. Years ago it would have been unheard of for a manager to want employees to think creatively or “outside the box.” While we now see that innovation is essential to economic success, our workplace structures, both physical and organizational, are still very much rooted in the past.

The Workplace Innovation Summit highlights keynote speakers, experiential workshops, and networking opportunities across a wide range of industries and workplace themes. The Summit is a hub for content and inspiration, cultivating a global community of thought leaders to advance the field.

Summit tickets not only grant you access to the whole day’s programming, but also include admittance to Design Museum Mornings: Leadership and Storytelling on November 4 at 8:30am.


Featured Speakers

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Think Tank

Get your tickets and join our Workplace Innovation Think Tank at the Summit:

  • Cailin Ahern, Boston Consulting Group
  • Becky Bermont, IDEO
  • Alfred Byun, Gensler
  • Antonia Cardone, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Jessica De St Croix, Fidelity Labs
  • Tom Di Lillo, Steelcase
  • Ashley Dunn, Dyer Brown
  • Monique Fuchs, Wentworth Inst. of Tech.
  • Robin Glasco, Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Melissa Goldman, The Village Works
  • Brittney Herrera, IA
  • Kristyn Hill, Bergmeyer
  • Casey Kalman, Red Thread
  • Allison Kim, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Amy Lalezari, Environments at Work
  • Ben Little, Sutherland Labs
  • Elizabeth Lowrey, Elkus Manfredi
  • Cerise Marcela, Gensler
  • Meredith McCarthy, Sasaki
  • Rex Miller, Go Mind Shift
  • Laura Nichols, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Rick Rundell, Autodesk
  • Kristi Woolsey, Maya


Workplace Innovation Passport


All Summit attendees receive our new Workplace Innovation Passport! Your key to experience amazing workspaces all over the city — think of it as our distributed exhibition on workplace design, open year-round. And enjoy a workplace tour during the Summit! Select from:

  • Artaic
  • Autodesk BUILD Space
  • Continuum
  • Creative Office Pavilion
  • Elkus Manfredi
  • Continuum
  • Baker Design Group
  • Boston Bioskills Lab
  • Environments at Work
  • Neoscape
  • Reflex Lighting
  • Steelcase WorkLife Center
  • T3 Advisors
  • Erba Cycles
  • And more!


Full Agenda

Thursday, November 3, 2016

8:00am • Registration with Coffee & Light Breakfast

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Pick up your badge, caffeinate, grab a snack, and meet other workplace innovators while waiting for the Summit to kick off.

9:00am • Opening Remarks

Sam Aquillano, Executive Director, Design Museum Foundation

Philip Barash, Creative Director, Sasaki 

Michael Phillips, President, Jamestown

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The Workplace Innovation Summit has been diligently curated to showcase thought leaders and action-takers at the forefront of workplace culture, organization, and facilities design. Besides hearing from keynote speakers and leaders who will share their stories and lessons-learned, you’ll participate in a compelling workshop and attend Field Trips at innovative workspaces around Boston.

Michael, Sam, and Philip will share the stage to welcome you all to the Workplace Innovation Summit and introduce you to the exciting day ahead.

9:25am • Keynote: The Office Renaissance

Introduction by: Elizabeth Lowrey, Principal, Elkus Manfredi

Christine Congdon, Director Global Research Communications, Steelcase

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It wasn’t long after the introduction of smart phones, tablets, and ubiquitous Wi-Fi that workplace pundits predicted the end of the office. If emerging technologies allow people to work anywhere, they reasoned, then who needs the office anymore? It’s a good question! And one that is at the forefront of newly conducted research by Christine and the team at Steelcase. After her keynote presentation aptly titled The Office Rennaisance, you’ll walk away with a greater understanding of where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going.

Congdon leads the global team responsible for PR and research communication. She is also editor of 360° Magazine, a Steelcase publication that explores workplace research, insights, and trends.

9:55am • Story Hour

Maria DeFiglio, Project Manager, T3 Advisors

Caleb Dean, Managing Director, Owl, Fox & Dean

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Culture before space or space before culture? It’s the classic chicken and egg question, and Maria will regale us with a tale from working with clients on integrating culture into the built environment.

These days, companies must design the employee experience to authentically embody their external image. As the founder of design firm Owl, Fox & Dean, Caleb addresses the topic of how to identify, cultivate, and build authenticity into the workplace.

10:10am • Keynote: Workplace Strategy

Peter Cavanaugh, Senior Leader of Learning Operations, GE

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More info coming soon!

10:40am • Workshop: The Healthy Workplace

Leigh Stringer, Workplace Strategist and Author, EYP

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In this workshop participants will discuss health and human performance issues impacting work and the workplace including stress, nutrition, movement, sleep issues, and more. Leigh Stringer will share findings from her recently released book, The Healthy Workplace, including the latest research from sports science, physiology, nutrition, occupational health, behavioral, and environmental psychology. Leigh will facilitate a discussion on the challenges and possible solutions for improving human health at work – at an individual, team, organizational, and community level.

11:55am • Lunch

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Enjoy a healthy lunch featuring a medley of local vendors, and learn about Design Museum Foundation’s Workplace Innovation Passport program.

1:10pm • Field Trips

Tour our top picks for the most Innovative Workplaces in Boston. Sign up here! 

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Enjoy exclusive access to some of Boston’s most creatively advanced spaces. During your online registration, sign up for the tour of your choice! Spaces are limited.

  • Steelcase + Red Thread
  • Elkus Manfredi Architects
  • Neoscape
  • Artaic
  • Reflex Lighting
  • T3 Advisors
  • Creative Office Pavilion
  • Environments at Work
  • Continuum
  • Boston Bioskills
  • Baker Design Group
  • And more!

2:30pm • Coffee Break featuring Field Trip Stories

Sponsored by IIDA NE

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Grab a coffee and listen as your fellow Summit attendees share some insights from the afternoon’s Field Trips.

3:00pm • Keynote: Organizational Design

Adam Connor, VP Organizational Design and Training, Mad*Pow

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Adam Connor, most recognizable by his magnificent beard, is a designer, author, and illustrator based in Western Massachusetts. As VP of Organizational Design at Mad*Pow, Adam helps create positive change by addressing the relationships that people have with one another to foster more collaborative, creative, and customer-centric organizations. In 2015 he and co-author Aaron Irizarry released Discussing Design: Improving Communication & Collaboration Through Critique.

3:30pm • Story Hour & Coffee

Nicholas Ruiz, Designer and Project Manager, Global Workplace Experience, Adobe

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Nicholas is responsible for Global Workplace Experience with Adobe and leading the charge in their new workplace incubation space. You’ll learn how to build a living lab of ideas related to culture, lighting, textiles, spatial layout, and structure — just like Adobe!

3:40pm • UNITE: The Future of Shared Work Spaces

Philip Barash, Creative Director, Sasaki

Sidi Gomes, Director of Architecture and Design, CIC

Felice Silverman, President, STA

Andrew Thorpe, VP Facility Management and Design, Staples

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In this panel discussion we’re diving into the forces driving the economy of shared ideas, resources, and industry. Featuring Felice Silverman (STA), Sidi Gomes (CIC), Philip Barash (Sasaki), and Andrew Thorpe (Staples) each brings a distinct perspective on the most effective structure and collaborations for maximum productivity in shared workplaces.

4:40pm • Story Hour

Gary Miciunas, Principal, NELSON

Bethany Davis, Workplace Strategy Lead, Boston Consulting Group

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Gary is a Principal at NELSON, a global architecture, design, and consulting firm, where he assists complex organizations who want to improve their employer brand and enhance the employee experience by creating a place where people want to work.

4:50pm • Keynote: Workplace Innovation

Bryan Koop, Executive Vice President, Boston Properties

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Bryan Koop has been with Boston Properties since 1999, and as the newly appointed Executive Vice President for the Boston Region, Bryan is responsible for overseeing the scope of operations in Boston Properties’ existing portfolio in the Boston area. He is no stranger to real estate! Before his tenure with Boston Properties, Bryan build his career by developing commercial office spaces, shopping centers, high-rises, and developing new business opportunities.

5:20pm • Closing Remarks

Philip Barash, Creative Director, Sasaki

Lee Moreau, Principal, Continuum

Sam Aquillano, Executive Director, Design Museum Foundation

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Philip, Lee, and Sam will close the day with some key take-aways and reflections before inviting us all to join us at the Closing Party at Continuum’s new office.

5:30pm • Summit Party @ Continuum

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Join us at Continuum’s new office at the Innovation and Design Building! The meeting and mingling as only just begun. We’ll be eating, drinking, and making merry with all the fresh ideas that have been percolating throughout the day. This is your chance to strike up a conversation with fellow attendees, speakers, and even get your book signed by the published authors among us, including Leigh Stringer and Adam Connor.


Friday, November 4, 2016

8:30am • Design Museum Mornings: Leadership & Storytelling

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Your Summit registration gets you into Friday’s Design Museum Morning! How can songwriting improve leadership skills and team performance? For November’s Design Museum Morning, we will explore the process of lyric and music creation to reflect and solve corporate challenges. Johannes Flecker from Sound Leadership, a company specialized in music-driven leadership development, introduces the process of songwriting for problem-solving.




Who’s Coming

Accelerate • Adobe • Allen & Gerritsen • ARC Document Solutions • Arrowstreet • Artaic • Artists for Humanity • athenahealth • Autodesk • Baker Design Group • Bergmeyer • Borealis Ventures • Bose Corp. • Boston Architectural College • Boston Bioskills Lab • Boston Consulting Group • Boston Globe • Boston Properties • Breakaway • C Space • Catalant Technologies • CBT Architects • CIC • Collective Next • Continuum • Coverys • Creative Circle • Creative Office Pavilion • Dauphin North America • Dimella Shaffer • Elkus Manfredi • Environments at Work • Erba Cycles • Essential • EYP • Fab Foundation • FCi • Federal Reserve Bank • Fidelity Investments • Fidelity Labs • Fort Point Legal • FreeWind Productions • Fresh Tilled Soil • GE • Gensler • Google • Haworth • Herman Miller • IA Interior Architects • IIDA • InkHouse • Iotopia Solutions Inc. • iRobot Corporation • Jacobs • Jamestown • Knoll • Lavallee Brensinger • Mad*Pow • Margulies Perruzzi Architects • Mary Lester Design • MassChallenge • MIT Lincoln Laboratory • Murphy Associates • NBBJ • NELSON • Neoscape • Nobox Studio • Office Resources • Officeworks, Inc. • Owl, Fox & Dean • Partners Healthcare • Patcraft • Perkins + Will • Perspective Group • Red Thread • Reflex Lighting • Sanofi • Sasaki • Scalable Display Technologies • Silverman Trykowski Associates • Skanska • SKYSITE • SL Group • Sound Leadership • Staples • Steelcase • Story + Structure • T3 Advisors • Tarkett • Teknion • The Development and Marketing Group • The Stevens Group • TRO Design • Turning Art • Wentworth Institute of Technology • Workspace Strategies, Inc. • Your Brand Week