Design Canberra

November 23, 2015 | | View Comments

Photo: Make My Day by Thinkplace; Credit: Design Canberra

Last Saturday marked the start of the second annual Design Canberra festival, a nine-day celebration of design. Held in Canberra, Australia, this festival welcomes more than a hundred members of the arts, culture, and design community to come together and “connect, create, and collaborate’ — which is the theme of this year’s event. Design Canberra has more than 70 events, from public talks, open studios, and tours encompassing many disciplines of design. The festival welcomes the general public to take part in the multiple facets of design offered. Last year, the event welcomed over 24,000 visitors, and this year it is likely to exceed that. It was first launched in November 2014 as a four day event. This year is more than twice as long, with strong, collaborative support to connect leaders in arts and culture, business, education, and government.

For a city that isn’t necessarily well known for design, this is a festival that aims to change that, and do so through the power of collaborative design and in making it accessible to the general public. Because, as we like to say, good design is for everyone.