City Planning: A Conversation with Urban3 and unPlanned

Episode 92 • 45 min

What does it mean to design better city planning and what does that look like?

Aerial view of Boston

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On this week’s episode, we learn about how cities have been designed. Sam is joined by Joe Minicozzi, the Principal of Urban3 and an urban planner imagining new ways to think about and visualize land use, urban design, and economics. Joe talks about the way cities have and have not been designed and the tax implications of city design. Later on in the show, they are joined by Sam Seidel, host of unPlanned, a video podcast about cities and how they work. Together, they talk about how cities have changed since Covid and what Sam has gleaned from his show “unPlanned.”

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Sam Aquillano

Sam Aquillano

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Joe Minicozzi

Joe Minicozzi


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