Creating a Space and Opportunity for Artists

Episode 090 • 44 min

How did Liz Powers and her team connect artists who are homeless or disabled with corporate buyers?

Colorful painting on a wall behind a table and chairs

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On this week’s episode, we are learning about an organization that is designing a new marketplace for artists. Sam is joined by Liz Powers, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at ArtLifting where artists impacted by homelessness and disabilities are given a platform to share their talents. Later on in the show, they are joined by Bryan Parker, Director of National Real Estate’s Workplace Strategy, Performance and Optimization at PwC, a corporate client of ArtLifting. At PwC, the ArtLifting Curated Collection showcases a diversity of artwork and embodies PwC’s mission of solving important problems and building trust in society. Together, they talk about how corporations can be involved in this work and the impact of art in the workspace. 

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Sam Aquillano

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