Hospitality Design that Takes Care of People

Episode 089 • 47 min

What components make up good hospitality?

Lounge chairs overlooking a mountain

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On this week’s episode, we are looking at the decisions seen and unseen that make a hospitality experience captivating, seamless, and truly elevate travel. Sam is joined by Denise Korn, the Founder and Creative Director of Yellow&, a dynamic creative consultancy that brings together the power of a multi-disciplinary mindset and bold talent with a fresh perspective. Denise talks about the design decisions behind thoughtful hospitality and immersing the local culture to the design. Later on in the show, they are joined by Bashar Wali, Chief Executive Officer at Practice Hospitality and the Founder of This Assembly. Bashar is a hospitality evangelist, hotel fanatic, deal maker, risk taker, and passionate leader. Together, they talk about the importance of listening to guests, what most hotels get right, what most hotels get wrong, and putting the consumer front and center.

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Sam Aquillano

Sam Aquillano

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Denise Korn

Denise Korn


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