Designing for Work and Life that Satisfies Your Spirit

Episode 083 • 43 min

What role should work play in one’s identity?

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In this week’s episode, we learn about designing a holistic approach towards work and life. In Jai Chakrabarti’s article for Fast Company, “Embracing the whole you: You are more than your job,” Jai talks about the experience of quitting his role as a technologist to pursue his MFA in Creative Writing. He writes, “There is no linear life, at least I haven’t found one I’d wish to live. Rather there are the meandering paths, all the pursuits of beauty that reward us with their own vistas of the world underneath.”

Sam is joined by Jai Chakrabarti to learn more about the impetus behind his Fast Company article and the balance of work and life. Later on in the show, they are joined by Dr. Melissa Steach, an award-winning artist and bestselling author who became an industrial-organizational psychologist in order to make work well. As part of MillerKnoll’s Workplace Performance Network, Melissa consults business leaders on how to leverage macro-ergonomics and workplace well-being to positively impact team dynamics and business strategy. Together, they discuss the importance of trust, authentic conversations, and work that helps satisfy the spirit.


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Sam Aquillano

Sam Aquillano

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Jai Chakrabarti


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