From the Archive: Designing for a Rebrand or Relaunch

Episode 076 • 41 min

What is the process and design of a rebrand and how is it different from a relaunch?

Over the Spoon brand dessert cups

Courtesy of Robot Food


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In this week’s episode, we learn about the process of revitalizing and invigorating brands. Sam is joined by John Roescher, Co-Founder and CEO at handsome, a holistic experience design agency. John explains how a holistic design agency helps a brand think about every component holistically and the process of a rebrand. Later on in the show, they are joined by Simon Forster, Founder and Executive Creative Director of Robot Food. Together they discuss how they have approached rebranding and relaunching their own projects and guiding other companies through the process. 

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Sam Aquillano

Sam Aquillano

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John Roescher

John Roescher


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Simon Forster

Simon Forster