From the Archive: The Shared Mindsets of Designers and Musicians

Episode 056 • 45 min

How do design and music influence one another?

Photo by blocks on Unsplash


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In this episode, Sam learns more about music’s impact on design and the shared mindsets of the creative process. He chats with R. Michael Hendrix, Partner and Global Director of Design at IDEO, singer, musician, and co-author of Two Beats Ahead: What Musical Minds Teach Us about Innovation alongside his co-author Panos Panay. Michael talks about the influence of design thinking in music and how he uses music in his design process. Later on, in the show, they are joined by Adam Larson, founder and Executive Creative Director of A&Co, a creative consultancy designed for the modern era. Adam chats about how he approaches his design process, collaborating with artists, and how he translates music to a visual medium.


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Michael Hendrix


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