The To-Go Cup for A Better, More Sustainable World

Episode 049 • 44 min

How are designers rethinking the to-go cup?

Photo courtesy of IDEO


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In this episode, Sam learns more about the NextGen Consortium to address the world’s single-use food packaging waste. In 2018, Closed Loop Partners launched the NextGen Consortium to bring together leading brands, industry experts, and innovators. Sam chats with Kate Daly, the Managing Director for the Center of Circular Economy at Closed Loop Partners. Kate explains what a circular economy is and how the Consortium gleaned consumer insights for better designs. Later on, in the show, they are joined by Chris Krohn, who is a Portfolio Lead at IDEO, a global design company, which is running and designing the pilots in the San Francisco bay area on behalf of the NextGen Consortium. Chris explains the process of redesigning the reusable to-go cups and the concepts that came out of the NextGen Consortium.


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Sam Aquillano

Sam Aquillano

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Kate Daly

Kate Daly

Closed Loop Partners

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Chris Krohn

Chris Krohn