From the Archive: The Magic of Toymaking: From Concept to Playtime

Episode 036 • 48 min

What makes a toy design memorable, fun and interactive? 

Toys laid out in grid on white background

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In this episode, Sam is joined by Mike Hoeting, President of Bang Zoom Design, to learn how toy designers generate new ideas to create a product that is fun and imaginative. Mike explains how he discovered toy design in college after a childhood of loving toys. Later on in the show, Sam and Mike interview Rinn Hirotsu, a product designer at Hasbro. Together, they discuss discovering the magic of toy design, Rinn’s work with Mr. Potato Head and nerf, and the process of generating and completing their ideas with a team.


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Sam Aquillano

Sam Aquillano

Design Museum Everywhere


Mike Hoeting

Mike Hoeting

Bang Zoom Design

Guest Co-host

Rinn Hirotsu

Rinn Hirotsu