Regenerating Earth’s Living Systems by Design

Episode 008 • 47 min

Design and the ecological systems that support life (including human life) are intimately connected.


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Typical to design and make something we’re removing resources from ecological systems and transforming those resources into something: a product, a building, an article of clothing, etc. In this episode we explore that relationship, including how design can help protect, learn from, and regenerate those systems. We talk with Lana Sutherland, Co-Founder and CEO of TEALEAVES about sustainability and biomimicry, the focus of TEALEAVES’ latest documentary, Garden of Secrets. The film positions botanical gardens as “idea banks” for future designs based on nature. And we speak with Dawn Danby, Co-Founder and Principal of SPHERICAL about her work on strategies for actually regenerating Earth’s living systems. Plus our weekly dose of good design.


Weekly Dose of Good Design


Sam Aquillano
Liz Pawlak
Lana Sutherland
Guest Co-Host
Dawn Danby