Fix Room 16! Designing Healthcare Facilities to be More Resilient & Equitable

Episode 006 • 45 min

As cases of COVID-19 spike, hospitals are simply running out of space and beds for people who need them.


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This is one of the main reasons we’re quarantined, not just to keep ourselves safe from the virus but also to “flatten the curve,” and help our hospitals keep up with a growing number of cases. On this episode we talk about how hospitals are designing solutions for surge capacity and what lessons there are for the future of hospital architecture. Those lessons could be very important as we may see new spikes in COVID-19 and as we must adapt facilities to be equitable for all patients, healthcare workers, and staff. We’re joined by Dr. Diana Anderson, a doctor architect, or Dochitect, currently a geriatric medicine fellow at the University of California, San Francisco; and Dr. Esther Choo, she’s an emergency medicine physician and health services researcher based in Portland, Oregon at Oregon Health & Science University, and she’s the chief medical advisor for a startup called Jupe, which is creating pop-up medical facilities. Plus our weekly dose of good design.


Weekly Dose of Good Design


Sam Aquillano
Liz Pawlak
Diana Anderson
Guest Co-Host
Esther Choo