#COVIDStreets, How Cities are Re-Designing Streets for Safety and Livability

Episode 005 • 46 min

COVID-19 is necessitating rapid change in our cities.

Image courtesy of Jonathan Berk


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As many stay-at-home orders are lifting, people are getting outside, but we still need to stay 6 feet apart, so citizens and cities are stepping up in some interesting ways. How do you stay 6 feet apart when many sidewalks aren’t even 6 feet wide? The answer might just be rethinking the design of our streets and our cities overall. From tactical urbanism to open streets to changing the very notion of what a shared street is: we discuss with Jonathan Berk, placemaking advocate and a Director at Patronicity; and Jeff Speck, city planner, author, and long-time advocate for more walkable cities.


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Sam Aquillano
Liz Pawlak
Jonathan Berk
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Jeff Speck